The Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers

Master's Charity 2023

Providing specialist care for 16-30 year olds with disabilities

The Chiltern Centre empowers young adults with disabilities (aged between 16-30) to live life to the full through high quality overnight care, day care and youth groups uniquely tailored to each persons’ individual needs. 


Young people with disabilities too often fall through the gaps, either receiving care alongside elderly people with whom they have little in common or receiving care at home where they fail to gain independence from their families. The Chiltern Centre bridges this gap, providing young adults with the opportunity to have unique and life changing experiences in a loving and caring environment.  

For so many young people with disabilities the world can feel like it’s off limits. Doors closed to them where they are open to others. Activities ‘impossible’ where they would be possible for others. The Chiltern Centre empowers young people with disabilities to open those doors. It encourages them to focus on the possible rather than the impossible.

A visit to the Chiltern Centre could include music therapy, a trip to the farm, hydrotherapy, a walk along the river, bell boating, dinner out, bowling, computer games, dance lessons, a trip to the theatre and much more. Anything that a young person dreams of doing, the Chiltern Centre will find ways to achieve it with them. In this way young people learn that the world is full of opportunity for them. That their disability is a part of them, not all of them. That they matter. That they are important. And that life can be full of joy and friendship whatever their particular needs. 

The support we provide the Chiltern Centre this year will provide them with the means to provide this incredible service and change the lives of young people with disabilities across the south-east of England.